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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 21

Then-President Donald Trump stands behind gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis on Nov. 3, 2018, at a rally in Pensacola, Fla.

Voters say democracy over tyranny

No matter your party affiliation, I think a majority of us are grateful the elections are over.

It appears we still have a democracy. Prior to the elections, that statement was in doubt.

The importance of our vote should never be taken for granted. Recent legislation that has been proposed, and some even passed, to stifle and diminish our voting rights should be fought vigorously. Of course, those Republican candidates who were endorsed by the former president and lost their elections have been called by him as weak and poor candidates.

I would hope that this would be a wake-up call for future candidates what happens when you sell your soul. All future candidates should remember the pledge of allegiance. “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands.”

Not a man or a party.

Fred DiNoto

Northwest side

Welcome to MAGA Land

Now that the elections are over, campaigns have concluded, and mudslinging has ceased, it’s time for all of No. 45’s backed candidates to be rounded up and placed on buses, not destined to New York City or to Martha’s Vineyard, but to Mar-a-Lago where they can start and develop an election-denier utopia.

Here they can sell snake oil, while peddling notions of conspiracy theories and non-truths, all while guzzling cockamamie Kool Aid and gorging themselves on Fiddle Faddle.

The utopia will also contain an amusement park complete with a three-ring circus employing thousands of clowns and instead of “It’s a Small World,” the ride will be called “It’s a Trump World After All.”

Max LaPlante

Southeast side

Cars: Gas vs. Electric

Electric vs. carbon energy is a topic that has proponents on both sides with good arguments for all. Here is what I know for sure:

I have a Chevy Bolt and a Hyundai Santa Fe. The Santa Fe gets 20 mpg. If gas is $3 a gallon, it costs $.15 per mile to fuel the car.

The fuel cost per mile for the Bolt, being electric, is figured differently.

The car has 2,229 miles on it.

I power the car through an electric meter and have installed 396 KWH so far in the car at $.1447/KWH, which equals $.025 per mile. Now there has to be a specific need to use the Santa Fe.

James Galvin


Transportation and climate change

It is frustrating to read about the challenges the RTA Citizens Advisory Committee is having to even discuss something as inescapable and universal as climate change.

We know that individual transportation makes up one-third of our climate change-causing greenhouse gas emissions, yet we were presented with proof in Nicole Ludden’s Sunday article (“Members of citizen-led RTA group concerned about harsh oversight”) that some leaders in our community (Marana’s Mayor Ed Honea) still don’t think climate change is a serious enough issue to prioritize transit or investments in biking and walking that can help everyone use their car less.

This “pursue growth at all costs” model by building more and wider roads is why we are staring at the brink of environmental collapse, yet there seems to be a shortage of leaders who are willing to change course and ensure a livable region for us all.

Melissa Mason



Since the Civil Rights era, I’ve been largely supportive of the policy initiatives of the Democratic Party.

I’ve been registered as a Democrat, in order to vote in primaries and to work within the party’s structure. But a party whose representatives on last year’s Independent Redistricting Commission acceded to the choice as chairman of an obviously conservative former Republican did not serve the people of Arizona well.

Under the leadership of Tucson Republican David Mehl and Chairman Erika Neuberg, the IRC gave us LD17, the mother of all gerrymanders, and CDs 6 and 7, needlessly maximizing Raul Grijalva’s minority voters and minimizing Tucson’s place in CD6, won by Juan Ciscomani.

Since the election, my wife and I have moved from the Tanque Verde Valley to central Tucson and I’m about to re-register at our new address. Firmly convinced that the institutional Democratic Party does not serve our people well, I’ll become officially what I’ve always tried to be in practice, Independent.

Frank Bergen

North side

Trump in 2024?

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result, what does filing 63 losing lawsuits with the same complaint indicate?

As a lifelong Republican, I hope the party regains its sanity, goes back to basics and rejects the extremist views of its vocal minority.

Todd Ackerman


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