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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 22

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The Nov. 14 Wall Street Journal had a supplement about renewables. In one section I noted that China has 86% of the lithium battery market. Does anyone remember what happened in 1973 and 1978 when much of the oil was coming from the Middle East? No reasonable business would be rushing head long into a market so out of balance. We need a strategy with balance, not one created by zealots. If we continue, we will have cars with no fuel, windmills and solar panels with no storage, homes with no heat, etc. We have forsaken the system that made us the most advanced and powerful and benevolent nation on the earth. Get government out of the way!

Bill Blaine


Donald will call soon, Kari

Don’t despair, Kari Lake.

You will soon receive a call from Donald Trump, who will ask you to be his vice president.

He wants you to join him because you are attractive, a TV personality like him, will feed his ego, will deny your loss, will put yourself before country and be as untruthful as he is. So don’t despair. But do remember one thing: You both will lose again in 2024.

Phineas Anderson


Run again, Trump

I (am glad) Donald Trump is running again. He’s lost the popular vote by increasing margins. Knowing his casino background, maybe he’s betting in Vegas in a parlay bet to keep doubling his losses in popular vote, from 3 to 7 million to maybe 14 this time. Anything for money. He has been an anchor for Republican candidates that curried his favor. He’s the gift for Democrats that keeps on giving.

Craig Miller

Northwest side

AZ GOP deniers fly into oblivion

Arizona Republican deniers followed “Biggest Loser Trumpty Dumpty” down his incandescent yellow brick road, to the cliff, and off into oblivion.

Jerry Wilkerson


Time to rethink strategy

Now that the 2022 general election has ended in disaster for Arizona Republicans in most high-profile races, a period of reckoning and finger-pointing will almost surely ensue. A good analytical starting point for what went wrong is a piece dated April 2, 2021, that appeared in the Star (and is available in its archives) entitled “Political Notebook: Pima County Republican leads rebellion against state chair Kelli Ward.” In it, the author profiled a struggle that Arizona Republicans were then engaged in for the heart, soul, leadership and future direction of their party. In the coming months, it will be interesting to learn if Republicans take stock of (or double down on) the strategies they employed in this year’s election and last year’s leadership decisions.

Bruce Skolnik

Northeast side

Adieu to Lake

After losing the governor’s race to Katie Hobbs, Trump Mini-Me Kari Lake stated “Arizonans know BS when they see it.” Lake is finally correct. Yes, the majority of Arizonans will not miss her. She has been exposed. Last advice to Lake: People that blame things, don’t change things.

David Keating

Northeast side

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