Gov. Doug Ducey

Gov. Doug Ducey showed up Thursday wearing sneakers made by the company whose conduct he had criticized just the day before.

American values sacrificed July 4

I cannot rationalize or understand how any person, much less the person with the title of President of the United States, can demonstrate such a lack of caring as to use National Park funds to put tanks on the front lawn of the W

hite H

ouse and do a fly


Those are the actions of a noncaring, dictatorial, selfish person who has either no understanding and/or respect for American values. Tax payer dollars are being spent on putting up bleachers and hiring security people (who should be home) for a 20-minute speech to advertise “ME.”

We should be using dollars to solve the people problem at the border with food and facilities not applauding the weapons of war. The Statue of Liberty surely is shedding tears tonight as she can no longer stand and proudly say, peace on earth, good will to men, welcome. We live our American values.

Diane Uhl

Oro Valley

Ducey just did it,

and Arizona loses jobs

Governor Ducey: One of the biggest threats to democracy occurs when officials ignore the rule of law and instead uphold the law in a way designed to increase their political capital.

Nike did nothing illegal in pulling a product line. Would you not be one of the first to defend the free enterprise system?

You know as well as anyone: dishonoring Betsy Ross’ legacy had nothing to do with Nike’s decision. You are simply playing politics, playing to your base, which you must regard as most gullible.

And for that you rob Goodyear and Arizona of 500 valuable jobs.

Ann Stormes


American personality divide

There are many personality types. People may band together by sharing personality traits. President

Trump has some serious egocentric issues. I believe he is driven by getting attention any way he can. He likes to have rallies, for no real reason, so people will cheer him.

He insults and berates people because he likes negative attention too. He blames certain groups of people for our problems. He constantly insults people he does not like with name calling. He believes he is right about everything and does not consider the opinions of others. He takes credit for anything he believes is good and true, and blames every problem on others.

His explanation for everything is right no matter what anyone else thinks. Some readers may recognize this as egocentrism. It is a developmental stage in cognitive development. The problem is that it is a stage of development that occurs when a child is around 5 years old.

Here is the real problem. One third of America, “the Base,” likes this personality type in an adult and a world leader. Most people, one hopes, develop past this stage of cognitive development and go on to consider the opinions of others, put the needs of others in front of themselves, stop insulting others with name calling and serve a purpose higher than there own ego.

We must care about people who appear, think and agree with us. We must care about people who do not look or think like us and do not agree with us. We just need to care beyond our self interests.

Richard Bechtold

West side

Ducey’s double standard for Nike, Rosemont

Nike, an American company, made a business choice we may or not agree with, but it was their business choice. Governor Ducey backed out of a deal with Nike that would have provided about 500 jobs indefinitely. Yet he has no problem supporting the Canada-owned Rosemont Copper Mine that, yes, will provide hundreds of jobs, but for only 20 years.

Rosemont will damage the mountain, the watershed and wildlife. Yet when asked at a meeting to inform our community about the mine, their representative was not able to answer the question “What will you do to restore the area when you are finished mining?”

The double standard is mind-boggling.

Marilyn Forstot



the F

irst A


“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or the press; or the right of people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Nowhere does it say, as long as you like and agree with these provisions or how they are expressed. Based on the above document, and the actions of both Colin Kaepernick and Governor Ducey, the former is a better American than the latter. Like it or not.

I suggest those who agree with Ducey’s action (which hurts the city of Goodyear and its citizens), to try understanding the meaning of the First Amendment as written and submitted to Congress as part of the Bill of Rights in 1789.

A recent questionnaire for Arizona’s Second Congressional District asked, “Do you support President Trump in his determination to appoint judges who will adhere to strict constitutional principles and not use the court to advance their personal ideologies?” Really?

Leonard Rudnick

Northeast side

Engaging students in democracy

On the Fourth of July, I reflected upon the principles of which our nation was founded and which we hold so dear; the freedoms of expression, assembly, and participation in our government. As a teacher it is critical that my students consider conflicting sides that are presented and then develop the skills they need to form their own thoughts and beliefs.

These skills come from critically examining all aspects of issues, examining controversies and forging ahead with their own ideas and beliefs. This could not be done without the thoughtful presentation and respectful discussion of all sides. How can students grow, learn about our country’s principles and establish their beliefs without looking at controversial issues?

Maybe if more of our students were competent in the process of analyzing all sides of issues we would have better civil servants who are more collaborative and bipartisan.

Carol Trunnell

Oro Valley

Hudbay’s Rosemont redactions

Re: the July 7 article “Redactions obscure what Rosemont will do about reclamation.”

Of course Hudbay Minerals would redact the bulk of information the public is entitled to regarding their determination of the bond monies necessary for the future reclamation of Rosemont mine. They have stated that this information is proprietary; the normal excuse that allows dirty businesses to keep on being really dirty and not pay the cleanup bill.

Get ready, Pima County, to pay for cleaning up water that even Superfund sites have not been able to tackle both financially or environmentally.

Molly Skousen


Radio station bites the dust

Re: the July 7 article “A KHIL to die on: Tiny station in Willcox makes a last stand.”

I am so thankful that the Arizona’s Daily Star re-posted Debbie Winegarten’s eight-month investigation article which is here to help my family that lives in this radio station, my son and his dad, Tristan and Mark Lucke. They are without internet and phone service as of nine days ago. Still no pay and AC in the main building, with no explanation until today. I am here to say thank you for having this article be seen in our state and community.

Mercedez Lucke-Benedict


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