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Letters to the Editor
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Letters to the Editor

Aari Ruben at his medical marijuana dispensary and grow operation on Tucson’s south side. Marijuana could become legal with the passage of Prop. 207.

Trump’s economy was a house of cards

Trump had planned to run on his pre-pandemic economy. But was it really that great? Placing a 25% tariff on Chinese soybean imports turned China to other markets and left our farmers in dire straits. A dozen community banks in agricultural states failed between 2017 and 2019 because farmers defaulted on loans.

Government compensation to farmers has reached $43.5 billion (our tax dollars), but they are still losing money. In Arizona, cotton and pecan exports have been adversely affected. Deregulation in part caused Boeing’s two 737 Max accidents taking 346 lives. The FAA left the regulation up to Boeing.

The 2017 tax cut gave 60% of the savings to 20% of the top earners. Job creation was a little less in his first three years at 6.7% than in Obama’s last three years at 7.9%. While the stock market has looked good, only 10% of Americans own 87% of the stocks. So, who did his policies benefit? Not the average American.

Leadawn Anderton

Southwest side

Star should endorse more Republicans

The Daily Star recently released it’s set of recommendations for the upcoming elections, and in summary they recommended Democrats for 5 of 5 national positions, 7 of 9 state positions, and 8 of 10 local positions. This bias is pretty consistent with past elections. The problem is that it makes it hard for independents and Republicans to believe that the Star’s political related reporting is very objective.

The truth is that there are good people and ideas from both parties. Nationally, it seems like one of the bigger problems we are living through is how polarized people have become on their politics. News organization can play a very critical role in helping people understand different perspectives, but it’s critical to trust the objectivity of the source.

Doug Sherwood


Not wasting time on these ‘debates’

A successful debate provides the watcher with an opportunity to compare ideologies. How does one side see a situation and how might they react. To make the point the speaker can recall situations that have happened and report their reactions and the consequences of their action. That is the ideal, and under the ideal, each viewer can make a selection.

Two things can destroy a successful debate. The first is a lack of manners. Speaking longer than authorized or interruption. The second is a false representation of facts, i.e. a misstatement of the facts and a misstatement of the consequences.

Both debates have failed!

I do not intend to waste any more of my time with this process.

Michael Ullery


Thank you, city of Tucson

I want to thank the city of Tucson Garbage and Recycling Services for picking up the debris that was dumped on a lot in our subdivision just before the Brush and Bulky pickup. It was a mountain of cut cactus’, none of it in boxes as requested by the city (“Cacti must be contained in a box — up to 25 pounds)” and it had been dumped on a clearly abandoned lot that only held the foundation of an old house.

Having notified the city of Tucson of this offense, we received an Inspection Detail report with a case number after the address had been inspected. It provided comments that detailed the case. It took a few weeks, but the debris was recently picked up, and I want to thank the city for taking care of the matter.

Christie Cummins


Marijuana dangerous; vote no on Prop. 207

As a pediatrician, I urge voters to vote ‘no’ on Prop. 207, which would make marijuana recreational in Arizona. First of all, we have medical marijuana, grown by experts, and supplied by knowledgeable people under medical guidance. Frequent use of marijuana can damage brain cells resulting in poor memory and concentration.

Marijuana is addictive and leads to increased ER visits, traffic deaths and mental health problems. Growing marijuana in the home is dangerous to children who can accidentally ingest it.

Smoking one marijuana joint could be as damaging to the lungs as five tobacco cigarettes, and marijuana may contain five times as much carbon monoxide concentration and three times as much tar as tobacco.

Second-hand marijuana smoke damages the lungs of children. Lastly, the United States has signed international treaties stating the United States agrees to limit the use of marijuana “exclusively to medical and scientific purposes.”

Helen Danahey M.D.

Green Valley

Pence defense filled with irony

During the Vice Presidential Debate, Mike Pence attempted to defend the no-mask, no-social distancing of the recent Rose Garden COVID-19 event announcing the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. He insisted that “Trump and I have great confidence in the American people and their ability to take information and put it into practice. … President Trump trusts the American people to make choices in the best interest of their health.”

Whew! Words out of the mouth of Vice President Pence. How ironic, though, considering this Rose Garden event was to introduce the next possible Supreme Court Justice who has been handpicked to remove a choice that became law in 1973 in the best interest of women’s reproductive health.

Nancy Procter

Southeast side

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