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Letters to the Editor
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Letters to the Editor

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Trump allies scrambling for strategy to overturn Biden win

Vice President Mike Pence waves as he walks off the stage after speaking at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit, Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2020, in West Palm Beach, Fla. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

A history

of line jumping

I am seeing red as politicians and the wealthy find ways to jump ahead of everyone else to get the COVID vaccine. I see politicians who disparaged wearing masks or socially distancing getting a shot and wealthy individuals buying their way to the front of the line before doctors and nurses have had the vaccination. These people are just like the elite society members on the Titanic, where the men put on women’s clothes and the women wrapped blankets up to appear they were carrying babies so they could get a place on the lifeboats ahead of the more vulnerable passengers.

These people’s behavior today is the same as those selfish people’s behavior was that fateful night on the Titanic.

Lee Aitken

Northwest side

TEP rate increase a real Scrooge

Re: the Dec. 25 article “TEP customers can round up their bills to help those in need.”

While I’m all for helping those in need, I wonder if TEP could have once again postponed their rate increase until after the pandemic was under control. While I am aware that some of their environmentally friendly programs require the extra revenue, many folks are in dire straits these days and can’t afford the rate increase. Talk about the Grinch that stole Christmas.

Hope Keimon

Southeast side

An open letter

on promises not kept

As my wife’s favorite aunt died today from COVID; as a friend and colleague died from COVID; as I see all the people who are hungry, struggling to make ends meet and being evicted from their homes, I remember the promises. The promise that the virus would disappear by Easter, the promise that there would be wonderful health-care, the promise that COVID was no more than a flu, the promise that America would be great again.

Instead, I see a country brought to its knees by a wannabe autocrat who is really just a con. I see a childish sore loser who is willing to instigate violence because he cannot accept defeat with dignity and humility. What I do not understand is why so many of our elected officials are willing to sacrifice lives, the environment within which we must all live and our children’s futures all for the sake of their petty political futures.

This is the modern tragedy of the United States of America.

Henry Wallace


Time for a real

debt forgiveness act

I think that the United States government should come up with a way to help tax paying citizens pay down their debt. This past year has been a very difficult year for most citizens of the United States. The median household debt is $59,800. I would recommend a $10,000 debt relief check be sent to all citizens who pay income tax. The money could be used to help pay down student loans, income tax burden, credit card debt, etc. There would be no better time than the present.

Bill Kendall


Science changes, politicians don’t

People like Marco Rubio seek to discredit Dr. Anthony Fauci because his recommendations have changed. I was an ICU registered nurse and manager for over 30 years. We constantly changed how we treated patients as scientific data emerged. Things aren’t static.

As we learned, we adapted to best practice. I doubt Rubio would want blood letting and procedures that are outdated to continue. Vaccines and antibiotics saved untold lives.

I did notice Mike Pence and others who downplayed the virus are rolling up their sleeves to get vaccinated. If you were passing off COVID as nothing you should be last to be inoculated.

Craig Miller

Northwest side

Cross that bridge when we get to it

Why worry now about those who say they won’t be vaccinated. We have more than 150 million that are ready, willing and able now that should keep us busy until at least April.

Meanwhile the “wait and see-ers” and “agin-ers” can wait, plus employers can decide if vaccination is required for continued employment.

By May, we will see the reduced rate of infections and they can change their minds and sign up. If still not cooperative, medical treatment priorities can be adjusted to reflect their decision.

Richard Teugh


Bearing the stigma

of their collaboration

“Once, to every man and nation, comes the moment to decide in the choice between truth and falsehood for the good or evil side.” These words were written in the mid-19th century at the time of our war with Mexico, but they are timeless, and are relevant today. Such stark choices do not occur often, but it is important to recognize them when they do.

The actions of GOP members of Congress who collaborate with Donald Trump’s attack upon our system should not be forgotten. They should bear the stigma of their collaboration for the remainder of their political lives. There is no excuse for what they are doing.

Gene Griffiths

East side

Thanks for reporting on students’ mental health

Re: the Dec. 27 article “With teen suicides on the rise, educators struggle to address students’ mental health.”

Thank you for this article by Danyelle Khmara. I appreciate the tremendous effort put forth by counselors and teachers to work with kids having a hard time. I noticed, as a volunteer, there are kids who need a listening ear. The need seems to exceed the resources, especially this year.

I love it that a teacher is letting kids type in the chat while she’s teaching. My young grandchild, normally sunny, has had a difficult time not being able to see her friends at school and hang out on the playground. Little things like this to lift children’s spirits are so important. Plus it may improve their spelling.

Thanks to Danyelle Khmara for writing this and thank you for publishing it. This is an article that makes me proud to be an Arizona Daily Star subscriber.

Pat Eisenberg


Impeach Trump one last time

The House of Representatives should quickly impeach Donald J. Trump again, making him the only one-term president to have been impeached twice. Trump’s recent treasonous, mafia-like, hourlong phone call to Georgia’s Secretary of State reveals that he now poses an extreme threat to our democracy.

The House of Representatives and the Senate are intended to be a coequal branch of our government. But for too long they have bestowed too much deference and power onto the president. Perhaps we should believe a little less in the “great person theory” and a little more in our three coequal branches of government.

Trump should be impeached again, for the sake of everyone, including Donald Trump.

Dave Gallagher


Move up teachers

in the vaccination line

I understand that parents are anxious to have their children back in the classroom. However, it is unconscionable to meet their demand for greater convenience by placing our teachers at great risk. Sick or hospitalized teachers will not be teaching.

The answer, to me, seems obvious: the governor must place teachers at the head of the line for vaccinations after hospital workers. I suspect this would alleviate many of their concerns with returning to their classrooms.

Bruce Hilpert

North side

Georgia elections a study in cognitive dissonance

I am so confused about the election. Donald Trump claims that the election was tainted, but obviously only in places where he lost. Then, to compound his craziness, he went to Georgia to campaign where he has already called the election process rigged, presumably against him since he cannot blackmail Georgia officials into “finding” more votes for him.

Why do people, who claim to be Americans, follow a person who is trying to subvert our most cherished American institution?

Cindy Schiesel

East side

A meaningless medal

For those who like to write letters listing Donald Trump’s accomplishments, add another to the list: making a total farce of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Recipients given this award by Trump include right-wing radio talk show host and blabbermouth Rush Limbaugh, and now the obnoxious, ranting Jim Jordan of Ohio. Add on top of that another for devoted tattler and Trump sycophant Devin Nunes.

Who next? Michael Flynn? Paul Manafort? Jon Voight? The “My Pillow” guy? Kiss Donald’s ring and you shall be rewarded! What an insult to past, legitimate, deserving recipients of this once-honorable award. It’s forever tainted and now rendered meaningless.

Deb Klumpp

Oro Valley

Pence’s legacy

Vice President Mike Pence has sealed his legacy as that of a spineless man of no morality, who lies and makes false accusations. By agreeing to support a bid to overturn the election results, he is again bowing to Donald Trump, a man with no moral values, respect or dignity.

His actions for four years have not been those of a Christian who would remember the commandment about lies. He really needs to ask himself out loud, “What would Jesus do?”

Jesus threw those liars and users out of the temple. He would throw Pence out too.

Cathy Wayand

Oro Valley

What constitutes a crime to today’s GOP?

I am having a hard time differentiating between Richard Nixon’s burglars at Watergate and Donald Trump telling Georgia election officials to find him 11,800 votes. One gets kicked out of office and one gets defended by Republicans who are outraged that the tape of Trump’s phone call was released. Truly?

Norman Patten


Apathetic response

to COVID-19’s invasion

There is a war going on in America. The enemy we are facing doesn’t care if you are a Democrat or a Republican or even a political atheist. This enemy has infiltrated our lands “from sea to shining sea.”

The enemy is COVID-19, and it is killing one American every 33 seconds. So why, when we have the best military in the world, are we not using it to fight this enemy? Why hasn’t the National Guard in every state been activated to handle the logistics of distributing the vaccine and vaccinating the public?

Why aren’t field hospitals being set up in all municipalities that are short of hospital beds and staff? It does no good to have a “weapon of mass destruction” to fight this enemy if we are unwilling or unable to use it.

Terri Hicks

Northwest side

Huckelberry’s audacity to ask for a raise

Dear Chuck,

I saw that you asked for a raise. Do you really think that this is the right time for such a request? How many of our front -line workers are asking for a raise?

You’re making pretty good money already, not to mention the perks that your contract entitles you. You probably deserve it, but are you thinking about all those who have lost their jobs and are suffering here?

The “president,” and I say that regrettably, is causing trouble in D.C. Do you want to start a ruckus here? Your request will be questioned and inspected for its validity.

It’s not the right time, Chuck. You’ll have to suffer with your $300,000 salary.

Stephen Makielski


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