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OPINION: With the future of Campus Farm in doubt, a letter writer rails against potential sale.

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UA Farm

Sheep graze in a field at the University of Arizona’s Campus Agricultural Center, 4101 N. Campbell Ave. A letter writer says the 160-acre property is a community treasure and shouldn’t be sold off by the university.

HOAs can help curtail buffelgrass

Homeowners associations are notorious for not maintaining what is commonly called “common area B” when the bylaws are specific that the board is to maintain such. If any HOA close to the Bighorn Fire did not remove the buffelgrass, then it was part of the problem. Fire departments should be calling HOA board presidents to encourage them to remove this invasive weed. HOAs should step up to the plate before receiving the call.

Patricia Cowan

Northeast side

Tucson needs more ‘farm’ areas, not fewer

Re: the June 14 opinion “Tucson Historian: University of Arizona ‘farm’ is a community asset”

It is unbelievable to think that this animal husbandry, sustainable agriculture and veterinary school site is once again on the Board of Regents’ hit list to get rid of in the name of money. There are so many vacant and underutilized commercial spaces in the area, some fenced off and covered in dirt and weeds. This is the only soothing, refreshing, delightful green space relief in the area. Even the campus itself is being closed in with four-story-plus apartment complexes.

It is especially wonderful to be by the farm when the animals are roaming around with new offspring. It is not just for animal genetics and food sustainability practices, but a community horticultural garden and agricultural experimental site available to the public for education on plant pests and diseases. Are these sciences no longer important in the field of education?

Stop this ridiculous thinking and recognize the benefit the campus farm is to the university and the community at large. If the school no longer has use for it, make it into a community sustainable food farm, garden and conservatory.

Sue Morman


Liberals’ actions lead to higher gun sales

In May, the FBI conducted a record 3 million background checks of potential gun buyers nationwide. Nearly 1.7 million guns were sold, an 80% increase from May 2019. Stock prices for gun manufacturers like Sturm Ruger and Smith & Wesson surged. Why? Because of the convergence of COVID-19 and especially the nationwide riots and looting.

Many of the gun sales were to first-time buyers, including women. It is highly ironic that liberals, who despise guns and want to ban many, have been out protesting and rioting and now have caused a surge of something they hate, other than Trump.

Ric Hanson

North side

Black-on-Black crime hasn’t been ignored

The June 15 letter asking, “Why is it that Democrats get agitated over a police killing demanding justice yet ignore Black-on-Black violence?” This is a perfect example of subconscious racism.

Black-on-Black violence has not been ignored. Numerous legislative efforts to eradicate its causes by improving access to jobs, housing, security and health have repeatedly been derailed by Republicans, who close their eyes to the suffering of all races.

Moreover, the question itself is a classic Trump-like ploy to deflect attention.

Police killings are noteworthy because they embody the ultimate perversion of state power.

Advocates do not seek to “demonize” officers who protect “you and me” (a loaded phrase). Rather, they seek to hold accountable the thugs among them who exceed their authority, along with their enablers.

This is law enforcement, pure and simple. Recall: “Justice” is not for “Just Us.”

Regula Case


Dems have long history of backing segregation

Portland protestors beheaded a Thomas Jefferson statue. As we erase history, let’s be consistent and eliminate the term “Democratic Party” because its history is filled with anti-African American actions. Southern Democrats supported slavery and secession. Only 22% of Democrats voted for the 13th Amendment to end slavery.

Southern Democrats instituted Jim Crow laws to oppress minorities. The 14th Amendment, designed to protect African American rights, had virtually no Democratic support. They universally opposed the 15th Amendment, granting voting rights to African American citizens.

In 1967, only 58% of Democrats voted to confirm Thurgood Marshall, the first African American Supreme Court justice. In 1991, only 19% of congressional Democrats voted to confirm Clarence Thomas, currently the only African American justice.

In fact, Sen. Robert Byrd, a West Virginia Democrat and former KKK member, was the only senator to vote against Marshall and Thomas. In 2010, Joe Biden, a Democrat, eulogized Byrd as an icon, party leader, elder statesman and friend. Let’s be consistent in our outrage over past actions.

Anoz Pittora

North side

Trump’s lack of logic

is disturbing

A recent quote from our president is disturbing for its illogic. It addresses the pandemic.

“When you test, you find something is wrong with people. If we didn’t do any testing, we would have very few cases,” he said.

As someone who comes from a manufacturing environment, I see this as follows: inspectors are finding flaws in the product being made, so management decides to end inspections to solve the problem, thinking that inspection is causing the problem.

This does not happen! The processes that made the product are investigated to find the root cause. Testing/inspection did not cause the problem.

We have an 800-pound gorilla in the room. We cannot afford, as a nation, to allow this illogic to continue. No president, regardless of party affiliation, should occupy the White House being this flawed.

Steve Rasmussen


Time for Trump, Ducey to show leadership

Just like being a responsible parent, leading a nation or state is hard work.

Sometimes it is the parent’s responsibility to protect recalcitrant children from themselves. So, the answer to, “I don’t want to wear a mask” is, “I don’t care. It is for your own good. By the way, its for the good of others as well. You will wear a mask!”

End of story! I beg the president and our governor to step up to the plate and do the hard work of leadership, for everybody’s safety.

Judi Witter


We have put power

in the hands of a bully

We have been in crisis mode since November 2016. The minority vote-getter somehow managed to squeak out an “electoral win.”

As a result, we have had three and a half years of one disaster after another with no adult response to help Americans. Only one person is responsible for the entire demise of a previously pseudo-functional government — the president, who has never taken responsibility. In fact, he actually stated, “I take no responsibility.”

There is no one left in the White House or the entire administration capable of showing empathy or compassion for the American people. His thumb is on everyone. He is not respected by staff or anyone in the White House.

He is feared. Like we needlessly feared bullies in elementary and high school. When we give a bully power, they willingly accept the gift. Compliant and subservient Republican officials and sycophants gave him that gift. Giving him what he wanted even when it was against their own consciences.

Sheldon Metz

Northeast side

One person shouldn’t be able to hold up a bill

It is high time that we the people do something to change the ongoing problem in Congress. It is getting nothing done for the people and just voting party lines with no compromise.

One very important problem is that when a bill passes in one chamber and goes to the other, it can be held up from coming to the floor by only one person.

Assuming that it would not have passed one chamber if it was not important, this rule needs to be changed so that it can be reviewed by the other chamber and not held hostage by one person.

Hal Brown

East side

McSally tells half-truths on Chinese medicines

Sen. Martha McSally is right — “China controls our supply of medicines.” In her commercial, McSally goes on to say that she will bring those pharmaceuticals back to the United States. It sounds like a great idea, until you begin to dig deeper.

According to Christopher Priest, the assistant director of TRICARE, which provides health care and prescription drugs to the military, “The U.S. system is based on finding the supplier with the lowest costs.” Right now, that supplier is China, where there is little oversight as to quality.

As we well know, most things made in America cost more than products imported from other countries. So how will pharmaceuticals be any different? These are questions that McSally needs to answer as the import of Chinese medicines has become a hallmark of her re-election campaign.

Ginny Williams

Northwest side

So, are pants necessary then?

Hey, Gov. Doug Ducey, I love you man.

Your logic regarding not wearing masks hit home with me. According to you and your followers, requiring the wearing of a mask at political rallies and such infringes on people’s right to assemble. Does that mean I can go naked at rallies and such?

After all, forcing me to wear clothing at public gatherings is infringing on my right to assemble in public. My nakedness may not be lethal to others, though, it may cause people to wretch and vomit after seeing my naked 71-year-old body. But, it won’t cause deaths!

Frank J. Perez



for county recorder

I have learned two important things during my time in Arizona politics. First, a great public servant must have passion for the office; and second, no one comes into office knowing how to be a state representative, city council member, constable, et cetera.

F. Ann Rodriguez didn’t know how to be a county recorder, but she excelled.

Gabriella Cazares-Kelly has everything it takes to become an effective county recorder.

Gabriella’s community interest is clear: Masters in education leadership, nine years on the Arizona Board of Regents academic advising board and a current member of the advisory board for the UA Education Policy Center.

Her passion for voter accessibility stands out as well. Gabriella has been a leading voice for modernizing the system. She understands the responsibilities of the office and does her homework.

Gabriella is the fresh, strong voice we need as our county recorder.

Cheryl A. Cage, Community Activist


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