Immigration families

City Councilwoman Regina Romero, right, shares her thoughts about the plight of asylum seekers and others trying to enter the U.S.

Coverage of Romero

by Star has been unfair

These are facts:

Ten days before mayoral election ballots are mailed, the Arizona Daily Star headlines the Metro section with one candidate’s co-chair’s GOP donations, information that has been available for months. The article ignores the candidate’s other co-chair, Carolyn Campbell, who is one of Tucson’s leading environmentalists.

Three days before ballots are mailed, the Star has a front page article about a charge of favoritism against a mayoral candidate with regard to an incident involving a relative. The article does not state until paragraph 10 that the chief of police and city attorney have cleared the candidate.

I have supported Regina Romero for mayor from the start. Now I have voted for her. She has valuable experience and a breadth of knowledge about Tucson’s neighborhoods that will benefit the city where I was born and the city that I love.

Debbie Collazo

West side

Romero is beholden only to the people

Regina Romero is running a “clean” campaign to become Tucson’s next mayor. Star columnist Tim Steller’s opinion piece reads like a desperate attempt to delegitimize a people-powered campaign. Reproductive justice, environmental justice and labor are not special interests. They work to raise the quality of life for everyone.

These member-driven organizations are working to elect Romero because they believe in her values and her record. The broad and diverse coalition of organizations who advocate for her reflect how dynamic a candidate she is.

Instead, the Star published these underdeveloped, misleading musings implying some impropriety at a critical and suspect time in this election. These negative attacks being leveled at her will do nothing to take away from the fact that Regina Romero is beholden to the people.

Michelle Aguilera

West side

Groups backing Romero serve our community

I am very disappointed in the Arizona Daily Star questioning the validity of Regina Romero being the only Democratic “clean elections” mayoral candidate and smearing supporting nonprofit groups.

Yes, independent groups have spent money to support her election. But this isn’t dark money, it’s not out-of-state corporations, and it’s certainly not wealthy car dealers. These are pro-environment, pro-labor, and pro-choice organizations that serve the community. The independent groups deserve an apology.

Regina has a track record of fighting for women, the environment and working families. If these groups appreciate the work Regina has done, championing progressive values, they are free to support her with independent PAC expenditures.

Regina is not soliciting or coordinating this. These groups are operating independently. Regina answers to the voters and only the voters. This doesn’t change who she is, what she fights for or how she’ll lead as mayor of Tucson.

Don Womack

East side

Green New Deal is not radical

A letter writer claims supporters of the Green New Deal must expect “to die soon” for reasons that are ridiculous. Trains, ships and even cars once ran on steam. Are there now no trains, ships or cars? Transportation evolves. We are innovative and can rise to our current needs. The Green New Deal equals no transportation? Inane.

Change brings new jobs, innovations and opportunities. Nothing in the Green New Deal makes people give up eating, working or moving — they just have to do it differently.

The writer “knows” that CO2 makes up 0.04% of the atmosphere. Does he/she know that CO2 and other greenhouse gases have increased 41% since 1990? That 12 of the last 15 years were the hottest ever recorded worldwide?

The Green New Deal really isn’t radical, and it’s not nearly enough, but it’s a start. An old cartoon asks, “What if it’s all a hoax and we create a better world — for nothing?”

Philip Brown

West side

Buying guns in US is much too easy

There is much conversation, locally and nationally, regarding the purchase of guns. There was a homeowner in my neighborhood, since moved, who frequently purchased guns from private sellers, which he then resold on eBay or in his front yard. All that was required was the cash for the purchase. Why is this practice legal? There must be many others doing the same nationwide.

Try going to a pharmacy to purchase a product like Sudafed without a signature. But, guns can be bought and sold indiscriminately? Something is amiss, in my judgement.

Kay Passmore

North side

We must elect president who will unify nation

This is the first time I have written to a newspaper, but I can no longer stay silent. Silence implies complicity when inhumane things are being done. I watched an interview about the displaced children of the ICE raid in Mississippi.

Thank goodness the community was donating time, safe places and food to the children who are innocents. This humanitarian response is common after hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and wildfires. This crisis was not a natural disaster. It was avoidable.

Our president willfully did this. I am not questioning that many of those taken were here illegally, but isn’t there a humane way to handle this situation other than injecting fear, hate and the possible scarring of children?

I will vote and volunteer to help our country elect a president who will uplift and unify our country instead of dragging it down. I am only one person, but I must do something.

Ellen Fenster

West side

It’s time to put a price on carbon pollution

Re: the Aug. 8 article “UN study: Humans’ land use worsens warming.”

This story describes how carbon in the atmosphere is degrading the nutritional content of our food while also causing increased droughts, wildfires and disease. Earlier, a United Nations report warned about loss of biodiversity and an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report described why we must keep warming to below 2 degrees Celsius.

Every day, we observe new climate disasters. The world will remain livable if we cut carbon emissions and get to zero emissions fairly soon. State and city governments, including Tucson, are striving to reach that goal.

The U.S. Conference of Mayors announced support for pricing carbon pollution and on Tuesday the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors endorsed a carbon fee that returns dividends to households, which will reduce carbon pollution 90% by 2050, add 2.1 million new jobs and save 300,000 lives. That’s exactly what we need now.

Jane Conlin

Oro Valley

Person’s character

is defined by actions

I have always considered that a person’s actions define their character. Since taking office, President Trump has continuously insulted people of color and issued racially provocative statements. He instituted a ban on Muslims, excluding his friends the Saudis. He described white supremacists as “fine people” and has aligned himself with far-right nationalistic groups. He approved placing refugee children in cages and concentration camps along the border.

Recently, Trump told four duly elected congresswomen to go back where they came from.

Based on the aforementioned, how are the terms racist and evil not appropriate descriptions of his character?

Ed Espinoza

West side

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