On display at a gun shop in Wendell, N.C., an AR-15 assault rifle manufactured by Core15 Rifle Systems in December 18, 2012. (Chuck Liddy/Raleigh News & Observer/TNS)

Doing nothing on guns isn’t the answer

What kind of horrific act needs to take place before Sen. Mitch McConnell and his Republican colleagues decide to do something about the gun problem in America? Obviously the shooting of over 20 children and teachers in Sandy Hook was not enough. The growing number of mass shootings across the country is not enough.

Even the shooting of one of his own fellow Republicans at a softball game in Washington was not enough. Everyone acknowledges that inadequate mental health care is a part of the problem, but we have to at least address the gun part of the problem. For fear of angering his NRA supporters, McConnell refuses to even bring up the issue to the floor of the Senate. I wonder how the senator and his fellow Republicans can look themselves in the mirror and feel that they are acting in America’s best interest.

Martin Greene

East side

Assault weapons are deadly toys

Re: the letter to the editor “Column as predictable as the north star.”

Assault weapons are knock-offs of military weapons meant to be efficient at killing people on the battlefield. They are designed for that singular purpose. Assault weapons have no place in civil society because in civil society killing people is murder.

Assault weapons should be banned because mass shooters use them to kill innocent people — 22 in El Paso and nine in Dayton in less than 24 hours. We value the lives of those 30-plus people much, much more than we value the right claimed by a minority to own military-style weapons.

They are a clear threat to public safety. If you want one to kill people, that’s a crime. If you want one for amusement, that’s a toy. Our children should not go to school with bulletproof backpacks to protect your desire to own a toy.

Robert White


City’s recycling decision is based on greed

When I first got the flyer saying that recycling would be collected every other week, I got angry. I recycle a lot of items, to the point of almost needing a pick-up twice a week. I couldn’t believe the flyer I received, so I hopped online to see what was going on and I came across the piece by Tucson.com.

In the article, it mentions that Tucson is cutting back the recycling operation as a whole to lower the city’s costs since China has decided to stop the import of certain recyclable materials. City officials were quoted as saying the recycling program doesn’t make any money so something needs to be done about that.

Herein lies the problem. It’s typical government greed, caring more about what’s profitable as opposed to what’s good for the sustainability of the people and planet for future generations.

We should be expanding our recycling program, not decreasing it. We should be finding ways to recycle absolutely every material that passes through a Tucsonan’s home.

Connor Patrick


Romero has a history of working for community

I am proud that I will be casting a vote for the first time in a mayoral primary. Regina Romero is my choice for mayor because of her history and tenacity on the issues that are impacting my life and my community. I also am proud to witness the work organizations are doing to invite all of us to be part of our democracy.

The difference between the corporate donors who have so much influence now and organizations like CHISPA, labor and Planned Parenthood advocates is real people. Real people who are frightened but are fighting back at the constant attacks to their safety and humanity in this new era of politics. Real people who are committed to making sure that this primary election is not just representative of an informed few but that actually looks like the makeup of our city — diverse and working-class.

These organizations will hold accountable whoever is the next mayor because of their commitment to the values of our community, not just an election.

Grecia Lima

East side

Freeing of Blagojevich wouldn’t be a surprise

It’s safe to say that most of us are thrilled to have forgotten (at least temporarily) about Rod Blagojevich. Remember, he’s the Illinois politician jailed for corruption.

Now there are reports that President Trump is thinking about commuting his sentence. Who could be surprised? What a perfect fit for Trump’s White House staff. Talk about peas in a pod.

John Arnold

Green Valley

8chan participants should be monitored

After reading the Aug. 6 article “‘Cesspool of hate’ gains attention in shootings’ wake,” a thought occurred to me. What if state and federal lawmakers passed laws and provided funding for an intensive effort to monitor online forums and other websites like 8chan to identify people that visit these sites?

Then track down these people, notify them that they are being monitored, restrict them and all family members from the ability to purchase or own firearms or any kind of battle armor.

Finally, check on these people regularly, some very regularly.

This effort will probably include the NSA and all law enforcement to identify, locate, enforce and continue checking on these people.

To me, something like this makes much more sense than penalizing the 99.9% of law-abiding people the own or want to purchase firearms.

Cal Rooker

Northwest side

Where are the officials

of raided companies?

When will we see a picture of the general manager, human resources manager and owners of the plants that were raided being taken away with their hands bound? And when will we see the picture of federal agents confiscating all of the employment files? Let that sink in. It is missing every time these roundups take place. Why?

By federal law, there must be on file for each employee a completed I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form, verified by management. Clearly, there must be doctored I-9s for each of the arrested individuals at each site, and it would be so easy to obtain that evidence if you have that many federal agents on site.

Can we reasonably expect to see criminal charges filed against the company management and owners? These federal crimes are on the books with prescribed sentencing guidelines.

To solve almost any crime, follow the money.

Frank Engle

Oro Valley

Let’s help oppressed and the oppressor

The Prophet of Islam said, “Help your brother, whether he is an oppressor or is oppressed.” Someone asked, “O Messenger of Allah, we help the oppressed, but how do we help an oppressor?” and he replied, “By restraining him or preventing him from committing injustice, for that is how you support him.”

We mourn again the losses incurred during several shootings and ask for something to be done, for peace to be upheld, and this violence to end. Islam ordains law and order is a mercy for mankind, not only for the general public but also the perpetrator themselves, that prevents the evil in themselves. The duty for those in power to uphold peace, by passing laws that restrain people’s lesser nature from manifesting.

In the end, I pray the victims may find peace, the perpetrators face justice, and our leaders uphold peace. God willing.

Aamir Quraishy

Northwest side

Military service doesn’t guarantee integrity

The job of the Arizona Daily Star is to report the news and provide thoughtful editorials to our community. A recent letter to the editor suggested that the Star “mind your own business” and not attack Sen. Martha McSally. I believe it is the Star’s job to give us information and a reasonable perspective on our political leaders.

Although McSally may have “distinguished service, including combat” experience, that does not guarantee integrity and courage as our senator. She has disappointed us by not standing up to her party and our president when policies implemented are cruel, unfair and may even be unconstitutional. Even though she is a a sexual-abuse victim herself, she did not have the courage to oppose Brett Kavanough for the Supreme Court, nor support other more recent sexual-abuse victims in their claims.

A distinguished career in the military does not necessarily qualify her to be a good senator.

Ellen OBrien

Green Valley

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