Happy to help fund ‘Medicare for all’ system

Re: the July 6 letter “Medicare for all.”

For the Saddlebrooke senior who doesn’t think “Medicare for All” would work, consider this.

My husband and I each pay $135.50 from Social Security for Medicare. Our supplemental policy costs $326.78, and we each pay $32.90 for Rx, and another $27.13 for eye and dental insurance. That all comes to just under $692 per month, about $8300 per year.

With single payer insurance (Medicare for All), we would instead pay this or less in additional taxes, and then, yes, we would have “free” health care, along with everyone else. Plus, the mother recently on the news, whose Type-1 diabetic adult son could not afford $1,300 a month for insulin, would not be burying him at a young age. I would gladly pay more taxes instead of fluctuating insurance amounts to help her and others.

A healthier nation is better for everyone.

Kathy Suagee


Interstate 11 would take us down the wrong road

I oppose Interstate 11 as an alternative highway. The last thing we need in a world already so dense with environmental impact, pollution, and the warming of the planet is more hot asphalt to allow more vehicles to release C02 into the atmosphere.

We need to work on sustainable options. Comfortable, safe public transportation such as trains that do not run on fossil fuels are a better option. Please consider our voices, the wildlife, the impact in this detrimental decision. Together, we must stop the expensive building of a luxury that we do not need. The idea is outrageous and outdated. We are moving forward with safer, cleaner transportation but this proposal is taking us in the wrong direction.

Karina Marcano


Criticism surrounding Bike Ranch inconsistent

One of the frequently cited objections to the Bike Ranch is its visibility to all entering and leaving Saguaro National Park. Immediately west of the park entry is a large gated entry draped with a bright yellow “Save Saguaro National Park” sign, apparently in protest of the planned Bike Ranch. Where was the outrage when this property owner erected a cell tower visible to all entering and leaving Saguaro National Park?

Sheldon Clark


In this sad reality, guns are seen as the solution

Re: the July 6 article “Utah teachers take aim, practice responding to school shootings.”

Editor, one of the saddest photographs I’ve ever seen in your newspaper depicts a fifth-grade teacher in a training session assuming a squat position and pointing a handgun at an armed intruder. This is our solution to mass murders in our schools? Apparently absurdity has become our new reality.

In this new reality, guns with live ammunition and readily accessible for use at a moment’s notice in our classrooms is a good idea. In this new reality, more guns to combat gun violence is logical. In this new reality, we expect, but don’t reject the notion that our children are targets while in school. In this new reality, proactive is a problem, reactive is a solution. In this new reality, duck is also a fowl.

Gavin Kayner

Northwest side

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