Advertising should have no place on any newspaper's editorial page. By publishing advertisements in that portion of the paper that should be reserved for expressions of policy and opinion by the editorial board and the public, you run the risk of painting the subject of the advertisement as something "endorsed" by the paper. This is a risk you should not take. Consider, for example, Lumber Liquidators. According to a story aired by 60 Minutes in March, 2015, the company imported laminated flooring from China impregnated with formaldehyde in levels that far exceeded American standards. Does the Star want to be in the position of explaining how it featured this company on its editorial page? Or any other company that demostrates unethical business practices, like Wells Fargo?

I urge you to maintain the integrity of the editorial page by keeping it free of all advertising.

Liz Temple


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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