While most political opinion letters include a degree of insight, almost all share a dichotomous view on their subject, usually easily associated with a right- or left-wing view. From personal experience, I know how many people react to these polar opinions: My Democratic family scoffs at pro-Republican viewpoints, while my Republican friends heartily discuss those viewpoints while dissolving into anti-liberal rhetoric.

Overall, a large range of people utilize opinion media to reinforce their beliefs and their rejection of opposing viewpoints, instead of using it to update their perception constructively. A possible solution is accepting a tone of centrism when communicating opinions, even if one's beliefs clearly lie on the left or right. This is achieved by acknowledging others' viewpoints as equal, accepting the possibility of one's own misjudgment, and trying to earn another’s trust before arguing. If more people embrace this way of thinking and arguing, the obvious divide in our country will surely begin to fade away.

Andrew Nix


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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