Re: the Feb. 6 column "Pointless razor wire makes border unsafe for residents."

I thank Tim Steller for this column. I live in Tucson, but the optics of that wire being strung in Nogales takes me far away in memories of my US Army deployment to Berlin. West Berlin, that is. How reminiscent of that ugly wall separating freedom from Russian tyranny. People were being shot fleeing to the West on our side of the wall! Seeing that concertina wire being strung here in Nogales, USA gives me a sick feeling in my stomach and a sense of shame mentally.

This looks to me like another one of our president's "tips" taken from Vladimir Putin. Trump speaks of a "human wall." Maybe that will be due to humans getting tangled up in those steely strands. Seems to me we should be seeking a more "humane wall" representing the American beacon of freedom and liberty I was sworn to serve. Has the rug of our American character been pulled from beneath our feet? What is going on?

Allen Zale

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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