Re: the Aug. 6 letter to the editor "Cyclists should follow rules, be licensed."

I would love to license my bike! Where do I sign up? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to report a licensed bike as stolen? Everyone knows that traffic laws apply to bikes, too. Police most certainly do ticket violations and I even took my case to court, washboard pavement prevented yielding to the right. There are traffic schools for bicyclists just like licensed vehicles.

Bike admonishing writers are correct, some bicyclists are dangerous jerks. But I am hopeful that they are not including all bicyclists in the "jerk bicyclist" group. I think that we can all agree that whatever mode of travel we’re using, sometimes we don’t pay attention or feel like we need to break a rule. Sometimes we just make mistakes.

I don’t know, but it appears logical (just due to the lesser number of bicycles) that cars/trucks kill more car and truck drivers than bicycles do. So, let’s be careful out there.

Cynthia Duncan


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