Re: the March 2 article "7 companies fall on city's divestment list for wall construction."

West Point Contractors, a Tucson-based company building the border wall in El Paso, belongs on the city’s border wall divestment list.

West Point claims the wall they’re building is “not Trump’s wall.” But they’re making millions plowing a border wall through the El Paso community and perpetuating Trump’s rampant border militarization.

Tucson’s resolution denounces border walls for destroying ecosystems, causing migrant deaths and dividing communities and tribal nations. The resolution vows to divest from all companies building the border wall. West Point belongs on that list.

Our tax dollars should not pad the pockets of companies who profit by destroying our borderlands. Period. Kudos to Mayor Rothschild and the City Council for taking this courageous stand.

Brytnee Miller


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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