A few thoughts of a 93 year old on the coming of D Day. Our country, how we love her. We all have our reasons. I always thought we Americans were a little different. We believed in justice, really believed. We are deeply hurt, trying to find out way now, looking for the answers that will help us believe again. I walked the Normandy Beach 3 years ago. It was a cloudy day, and the waves were grey. In my minds eye, I could see the ships, hear the plains, and see the landing crafts bringing our youth to death for you and me. No longer remembered, just dates in history books. The day I walked Normady Beach, my thoughts turned to the sand beneath my feet. I wondered if I were to put my hand into the sand and dug deep, would I find blood on sand pebbles? If my fingers closed over the blood, it would be like finding a sacrament of the souls delivered here. Sacred ground, Normandy Beach, Amen, Amen. The freedom we were given by their blood must stir us to the truth again for justice sake, to energize us to work together for our country, and for our children to make a better world. We will never be perfect, but we can remember their sacrifice and try to earn respect again for each other. Otherwise, the young men who died for us will be in vain. God bless us all.

Alice Treiber

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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