I am writing this letter from Normandy France today during the ceremony honoring the invasion in 1944. Under steely blue-gray clouds former and current warriors from the U.S. are here to celebrate the attack on the beach where a continent had lost its freedom.

Speaking with old and current military men and women they speak of their disdain for the fact that President Trump will be here to commemorate the invasion. Trump has caused an uncomfortable feeling here with the collected crowd from around the world. They called him “President Dumbo the Coward.” Adding, he does not even understand the history of this day, nor care.

It is a solemn day in my small life to be among these hero’s and gives me pause as to how the U.S is viewed by the rest of the world because of our President. How does one say that they are sorry to this group. I simply remained quiet.

Jerry Wilkerson

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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