Re: the April 4 article "Carbon fee and dividend propel us to greener future," the April 10 letters "Don't scare us into climate action," and "Others need to cut carbon output, too," and April 11 letter "Carbon fee and dividend is a winning proposal."

Carbon Fee and Dividend (CFD) has been the darling of economists for several decades. Its author received the Nobel Peace prize in 2018 because it creates jobs, it starts low ($10 per ton), and it returns the revenue from fossil fuel producers to families monthly. A family of four would have $3,400 taxable extra income in their pockets by the tenth year. Economists like CFD because local communities benefit from this stimulus.

And, economists love CFD because it reduces greenhouse gases at a faster rate than any other solution – as much a 40 percent in 12 years.

What is there about cleaner air not to like? 100,000 of lives saved from asthma, emphysema, heart disease and cancer? National savings approaching $200 billion? There’s the reason to adopt CFD, it’s effective in battling rising temperatures, air pollution and it creates jobs!

Jane Conlin

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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