Re: the April 15 article "Tribes sue over Rosemont Mine, citing 'irreversible' damage to sites."

I have no position regarding the pros and cons of this mine but am a bit puzzled by the Indian tribes’ position.

The amount of land that is forever destroyed building casino after casino doesn’t seem to get all the negativity that the mine industry gets. The latest disaster in the area is north of Mammoth. Apache Sky. Turning acres of beautiful desert into concrete and gambling rubble is ok, but constructing a mine isn’t?

Once again, it must be all about money and its distribution. The Indian tribes in our country should stop allowing their heritage to be used by the gambling industry and recognize that mining may not be a land beautification directive, but the benefits far outweigh those of casino projects. Irreversible damage was the term used in the article. There are very few things more damaging to land and society than gambling casinos, and the tribe leaders should reassess their outlook.

Mike Keller

North side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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