So many memories and vignettes of people come to mind reviewing the years when Cushing Street Bar flourished for those many regulars.

It was a special atmosphere and culture that offered true democracy in the wild range of customers there for conversation and drinks. Now gone in the race to the bottom for entertainment and unprounceable foods.

There were no video games nor a TV, only the quiet force of elegance and memory from the beautiful antique Mexican furniture. The unflappable and ever civil Don Rawlings was the manager during those years, a quiet force of dignity and openness that set the tone so much appreciated by everyone.

For some years, Fred, perhaps the world's best bartender worked the bar with an eternal wry smile and balletic grace. As a regular your drink was always remembered, and sometimes arrived sliding across the bar from some twenty feet.

Fine memories now gone as they must, I was fortunate to have lived them.

eric phelps

Green Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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