Re: the July 3 article "Ducey strikes culture-warrior pose in Nike flare-up."

Mr. Stellers column takes a swing at Governor Ducey because it seems everyone assumes he is merely mimicking Trump. Nike was wrong to cave under whiny Kaepernick since he doesn't know his history. Rob Weir, "Betsy Ross was a Pennsylvanian Quaker. The Quakers were the original abolitionists, organizing against slavery even in colonial times. It is due to their efforts that Pennsylvania abolished slavery in 1780. That date should be kept in mind, considering the first documented use of the Betsy Ross flag was 1792. The Quakers were also involved later in the “underground railroad” and 19th century abolitionist movement in the northeast. I think Betsy Ross, her flag, and the tradition it came from ought to be celebrated. The day we decide to suppress the work of religious minorities, progressive social movements, and women entrepreneurs is a sad one."

Carolyn Mongeon

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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