Did you know that of all american cities with at least half a million people, Tucson is the closest to a National Park? We are lucky to live so close to Saguaro National Park, and we must take care of it. ADOT wants to build Interstate 11 right next to it, and we need to tell them NO.

I moved to Tucson three years ago. I had just finished my Master's degree at Harvard and was beginning my career in data science. Everyone told me I should move to Silicon Valley, but after experiencing the incredible beauty and peaceful silence of the National Park, I decided to permanently move here. If there had been a noisy intrusive highway when I visited, I wouldn't have fallen in love with this place.

Instead of ruining our National Park, tell ADOT to widen I-10. It will stimulate the Tucson economy and improve transportation while preserving our defining desert beauty.

Ed Hendel

West side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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