Re: The Oct 28 article "IN YOUR HANDS: Proper washing techniques can prevent illness this season."

You all missed the boat when you described how to wash your hands effectively. You left out two of the most important steps. After you dry your hands on a paper towel, use that towel to protect your clean hands when you turn off the water faucet and then again use the paper towel to open the bathroom door when exiting. If you don't do these two additional steps, you have re-contaminated your hands with all the E-coli that you and everyone else placed on the water faucet handle turning the water on and the door handle when going out of the bathroom. And do you realize how many dirty hands have touched door handles, hand railings, and even menu's in the restaurant? For goodness sake, carry and use that hand sanitizer often, especially after touching the menu's, unless, of course, you like getting other people's illnesses.

Barbara Allen, WHNP-C, RN


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