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Letter: House Bill 2720 Beyond Appalling

Letter: House Bill 2720 Beyond Appalling

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in response to the January 30 article by Howard Fischer titled, "Proposed law would let Legislature overturn presidential election results." Just when I thought efforts of the Trump disciples to disenfranchise millions of voters and steal an election through continued discredited allegations of election fraud can go no lower, the radical right Republicans in Arizona proved me wrong. House Bill 2720 proposed by state Representative Bolick is beyond appalling! Shades of Third World politics! This bill is a blatant, seditious attempt to effectively do away with the foundation of democracy – the right to vote—by ultimately giving the Arizona Legislature the right to choose the presidential electors for the state and thus name the winner of their choice, regardless of actual results, usurping Arizonans' votes altogether. The bill contains other insidious means of controlling election results, as well. Republicans, what would you be saying if a Democrat proposed this bill? You’d be the first to cry, “Foul! Traitors!” This treacherous bill should be not only trashed, but buried. Deep! We can only hope that saner heads will prevail in defense of democracy.

Barb Schueppert


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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