As a resident of Avra Valley for over 30 years, I fail to see why the proposed I-11 corridor west of Tucson is considered such a good idea, since it would:

1. Cost $3.4 Billion more than co-locating I-11 with I-10 through Pima county. Neither Arizona nor the FHA has an unlimited supply of money.

2. Permanently disrupt many farms and resident's lives, including mine and my neighbor's.

3. Cause significant noise, air, and light pollution in the rural areas North and Northwest of Tucson, and in Saguaro National Park's wilderness areas. Also, the light pollution would severely impact astronomy research at Kitt Peak National Observatory.

Recommendation: Co-locate I-11 with I-10 through the area. There is no need to build an entire new Interstate highway less than ten miles from an existing Interstate. If necessary, widening I-10 through the area would cost less, both in dollars and in disruption of rural neighborhoods throughout the area.

Annette Sostarich


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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