Will ADOT pay attention to what citizens are saying? The preferred route for I-11 through the Avra Valley is a potential disaster for the environment, residents and visitors. The Sonoran Desert in the Avra Valley is a treasure not to be lost. The plants and animals who live and migrate across the valley would be irrevocably damaged. The quiet, clear air, and beautiful vistas would be replaced by noise, air and visual pollution. The experiences in the public parks and Desert Museum would be negatively impacted. Nature is an important aspect of human health. We need to protect areas that allow that nourishing experience. We can create urban growth boundaries by stopping I-11 in the Avra Valley as development would surely follow the highway. ADOT and the decision makers have asked for public input. Here it is - “NO I-11 IN THE AVRA VALLEY!”

Elsa Swyers

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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