Re: the April 15 article "Judge allows UA student suspected of sex assault to attend music festival."

I have always been a supporter of a suspect's civil rights, as well as fair treatment for incarcerated inmates. It is also my opinion that there should be in certain circumstances leniency granted in situations where it is called for. Some such examples that come to mind are the final goodbye of a loved one, attending one's own commencement ceremony, and perhaps the birth of an immediate family member. However, these furloughs come few and far between and should be handled on a individual basis when the proper channels have been followed to request such a privilege be granted. These special occasions should not be doled out without regard to the nature of the crime the suspect is being accused of, nor should they be handed out indiscriminately with blatant disregard for the victim's sensitivity.

It is appalling to me that a judge would first allow a sexual assault suspect to leave the county for spring break and then travel out of state for a festival that is known for the sheer volume of drinking that takes place during the live performances. What kind of message are we sending to those that are accused of a crime? It seems outlandish to me that the Honorable Judge Godoy would honor such a request, much less two. What was she thinking?

Paul Theriault

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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