Re: the Sept. 4 article "On Labor Day, a look at some of Tucson's oldest businesses."

I greatly enjoyed reading your recent article on Tucson’s oldest family business by Barbara Poole and Sara Brown. It was wonderful to see Tucson’s historic businesses honored with such a poignant work of literature. My only concern is that for those who aren’t familiar with the Tucson area the article did not specify what products and services these businesses provide.

For instance, Lerua’s Fine Mexican Food is listed only as “Lerua’s” and while most native Tucsonans know exactly what this establishment is, anyone else would not. Even my own business, The Chicago Store, may be mistaken for a place that sells Bears paraphernalia instead of a cherished musical institution that sells, buys, rents and repairs musical instruments and accessories. I’m sure your goal was to celebrate and boost business for these long-time Tucson institutions, but not including these small details may be counter-intuitive to that goal.

Mark Levkowitz


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