Everyone living in the Tucson area should want to keep Tucson beautiful. One big way we can do this is to keep our medians, boulevards and yards weed free. This could be done at a very low cost to our city and county governments. Tucson Clean and Beautiful, or the similar county department, could offer businesses or individuals a nice sponsor sign to sponsor a mile or so of the median or boulevard. Independent landscape contractors could then be hired to keep it within limits on weeds for the sponsor fees.

The same can be done for our boulevards in cases where they are not the responsibility of the property owner. If it is their responsibility, a letter should be sent to them stating they have so many days etc. I thought this was being done, but there are so many weeds in yards and boulevards. Something is lacking and the laws should be altered. Tucson is a great town and would be a lot more attractive with less weeds.

Gerald Kaphing

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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