Re: the June 12 article "Project to minimize pond seepage to close sections of Agua Caliente Park starting today."

Restore the historic view from the ranch house? I visited Agua Caliente Park recently and saw that they intend to remove 88 palm trees, about 50 of which are mature palms. All so that someone sitting on the ranch house porch can see that little zit of dirt that juts into the pond. Leave those trees alone! Those mature palm trees, more than anything else, give the park its charm and beauty. Not to mention that they also provide shade, nesting sites, windbreak, erosion control and carbon sequestration. They also help raise the water table. Removal of the trees on the east side, near the source of the spring, could potentially affect the flow from the spring itself. The park would be improved by tearing down the ranch house and planting more palm trees.

Matt Finstrom

West side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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