Re: the March 14 article "Senators reject rule change that would have led to vote on ERA."

Most mornings when I sit down with the Star and a cup of coffee I just shake my head at the acts of blind partisanship and outright stonewalling by members of the majority party in our state Legislature, but this morning I actually yelled out loud when I read the last sentence of Sen. Eddie Farnsworth's explanation of why he would not consent to allow a vote on the Equal Rights Amendment.

When I learned that he has seven daughters and that he opposes the ERA because he believes it is the way to protect the women in his life (!), I wondered if he keeps them locked up in his house and only lets them out to attend the charter schools that he sold last year for millions of dollars (look that one up for a real eye-opener).

Seriously, this man has opinions that would make him right at home in the 19th century; why is he sitting in a position of power in our legislature in 2019?

Kathleen Dubbs

West side

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