Four stories in Tuesday’s STAR spotlighted the deal-killer stalking Arizona and Arizonans by proposed tariff increases on Mexican goods. But the proposed border wall will be far worse. The new Arizona logo will be a 30-foot-tall steel fence, painted black, and floodlit its entire length from Yuma to the New Mexico state line. That's the DHS plan, not the public's plan.

But unlike tariffs, once the wall is built, it cannot be adjusted or cancelled. It'll stand forever, a monument to our stupidity and waste. The wall is bad business—high cost, scant gain, with far better options—and bad for business, because it will crush what’s left of cross-border shopping, commerce, and tourism. Forget the Grand Canyon—we’ll become known as The Wall State.

A wall is a tariff on ourselves, and unless Congress intervenes pronto, work on the wall will begin July 1, crippling and libeling our state’s economy for decades to come. Tell Congress: No wall. No tariff increases.

Bill Broyles

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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