Since the Tour de Tucson, I have not been able to do my daily walk on Snyder Road due to an injury. Finally was out this morning and it felt great again. As long as I am walking, I have always picked up trash as I go because I cannot stand to see litter on our roads. This morning did not disappoint. There was lots of litter since the Tour.

Litter from the bikers is something that I find especially bad. Why they carry all sorts of supplements and stuff to "enhance" their ability when riding and not carry the packaging with them after use is a mystery to me. Today, I picked up what was an empty water bottle that was reused and filled with urine. How about it bikers, if you carry stuff with you, take your garbage out. Also, if you cannot hold it for an hour or so, stop riding your bike and stay on the toilet at home.

Terry Hlivko

Northeast side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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