Re: the April 7 letter "Move on after Rosemont decision."

That Hudbay Minerals has manipulated the regulatory system to its advantage doesn't make what the company wants to do right. U.S. laws, agencies and of course "private sector advocacy groups" historically have backed unjust decisions of all kinds. What if the opponents of slavery had opted to "respect the process," wish the slave owners success and move on? Among other things, Hudbay wants to suck up our copper, then when that is depleted in a few short years, leave us with a huge pit which will fill with toxic water our precious wildlife will drink. I sure won't be getting with that program.

Now isn't the time to lie back and accept this supposedly inevitable abomination. It's time to stand up and fight it. Our respect should go not to some "process" but to our land, our water, and the people working tirelessly in the courts to defend them.

Kim Mathews

East side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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