The AZ Star just hired Edward Celaya as their new columnist. Celaya wrote a column introducing himself to readers. He was the Editor of the UA's Wildcat paper and seems like a nice enough guy. BUT, he is another progressive added to the the Star. Recently, progressive columnist Luis Carrasco departed the paper. It appears that the Star sought to hire another Latino progressive to take his place. There are NO conservatives employed in prominent positions within the paper. All in the Editorial department , i.e., Sarah Gassen (former UA journalism professor) and Jill Spitz, columnist Tim Steller and now columnist Edward Celaya are progressives. There is no ideological diversity or inclusion of conservatives in prominent positions at the Star. Yes they feature some outside conservatives columnists, but they are not employed by the paper and have no influence over its reporting decisions and focus. The Star features nationally syndicated columnist Micheal Gerson as their conservative, but he is an "establishment" guy, who has despised Pres. Trump from the beginning.

David Burford

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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