Having spent quite a bit of time in downtown San Diego over the last several years, I know how problematic e-scooters can be. Riders have no concern for anyone’s safety, feel no obligation to abide by traffic laws, and ignore common sense. My mind cannot erase the image of a young father on a scooter in San Diego who had his child in a soft carrier when he lost his balance, fell, and nearly killed the baby.

Law enforcement has no time to deal with the scooter problem, so the San Diego public is left to fend for itself. Even wheelchair users are on their own when sidewalks are blocked. From what I have seen, most scooter riders are not people who otherwise would be driving a car; so there is no pollution or congestion reduction. They are people out to have a good time — at the figurative and literal expense of those around them.

We do not need scooters in Tucson!

Susan Austin

North side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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