Arizona needs to have an Open Primary for elections.

The system of closed primaries closes out voters that do not wish to register with either majority party and keeps others from deciding that they'd rather have the candidate of the other party. Every citizen of Arizona deserves the right to participate in the primary to voice their support for the candidate of their choice without regard to party, for the general election.

The breakdown of the 2016 Arizona primary illustrates the point. Hundreds if not thousands of Voters were prevented from voting in the 2016 primary because "something" happened to their registration. That problem has never been explained to Arizona citizens, let alone fixed!. We still don't know how people were switched from the party they registered in. An Open Primary would eliminate the problem. It wouldn't matter if you were registered in the right party because you could vote for the candidate of your choice.

Jean Wylie


Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.


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