Re: the May 9 article "Results: UA method proving successful in saving those with severe brain injuries."

I read with great interest the piece on saving lives with severe head injury at UA led Excellence in Pre-hospital Injury Care project or EPIC as a method to reduce fatalities. Certainly the knowledge thus far gained is worthy of our attention. Unfortunately, the article neglected to discuss the impact of saved lives and the often devastating functional impact on the person's life and that of his/her family and friends and the community at large. The cognitive, physical, social and psychological impact and cost of chronic severe brain injury is enormous. It's misleading to only discuss the saving of a life without including data on the number of people returning to various levels of function- how many people are able to return to an independent life, how many are dependent and how many remain in a non responsive state? It's disappointing that the writer provided us with such an incomplete story. The need for statistics to tell us the whole story is essential.

Nancy Lefkowitz


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