Arizona Grandparent Ambassadors (AzGA) is a support network for grandparents raising their grandchildren. Founded in 2010 in Tucson, AzGA now has 726 members and has successfully lobbied at the Arizona State Legislature for funding and policies benefiting children.

Raising our grandchildren, we know the value of high-quality early education, especially for children who have suffered early neglect and trauma from separation from their parents. Vulnerable and at-risk children benefit most. Unfortunately, the cost of high-quality preschool is an insurmountable barrier to many living on limited, fixed incomes. Returning to work is impossible without assistance.

As grandparents, citizens, and voters we urge the Pima County Board of Supervisors to fund PCPIP. This will be money well spent for our grandchildren, and all the children of Pima County. When all kids grow up strong and ready to succeed, the community grows strong, too.

Laura Jasso is the co-founder of AzGA. Becky Duncan is a retired teacher and member of AzGA.

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