Re: the June 9 article "Policy could put improvements of roads in neighborhoods' hands."

Wow, go figure another “helpful” tax for the citizens of Tucson/ Pima County. The City Council and Pima County Board of Supervisors can’t seem to use the money they already have to fix our town, streets, police force etc, because it has been reallocated for some other use. Interesting how it’s never put toward what it was originally planned for.

If it’s not adding some sort of sales tax, it is increasing our property taxes to fulfill those reallocations. Now because the city doesn’t have or want to spend the money on street improvements, they want the neighborhoods to tax themselves so their streets can be fixed and HAWK lights can be added.

Another typical city/county government move, put the responsibility for your actions on the citizens of the city. That way you can wash your hands of all accountability. How nice of you.

Liz Durkin


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