There has been many "letters to the editor" and editorials on the benefits of pre-school education for all. All have been convincing and accurate. The US spends less on pre-primary education and child care than most countries. Public expenditure as a percentage of gross domestic product in other countries are:


Iceland 1.8

Sweden 1.6

Denmark 1.4

France 1.3

Norway 1.3


Estonia 0.4

Portugal 0.4

Japan 0.4

USA 0.3

Turkey 0.2

The sources of this data from the OECD ( Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development) points out that pre-school is very important . Funding for pre-school needs to be started somewhere like Pima county and Arizona if the US is going to stay competitive in the world.

John Tansley

Oro Valley

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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