Recently, a Pima County Deputy stopped a vehicle on Tucson's south side operated by 18 year old Thomas Torres, who was found to be in the country illegally. He did not have a Driver's License, the license plates had been suspended and no auto insurance. About a month ago, AZ DPS stopped a vehicle on the south side and found the driver and occupants to be illegally in the country. The vehicle was not registered to any of them and the driver provided some foreign identification. The south and southwest areas of Tucson are a haven for illegal immigrants and those here on Visitor Visas from Mexico. Many operate vehicles with no valid driver's license, no insurance, no proper registration, etc. Try doing that in Mexico and you will be jailed! If you have a "not at fault" injury accident with one of these drivers you will be paying for the medical expenses, your insurance company will pay for damages, and the other driver will likely flee back to Mexico.

A Reed


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