Re: the May 2 article "UA workshop aims to improve newsroom diversity."

Andrés Dominguez posted a column at the Star about his holdings of "Journalism Diversity Workshops" at UA for high schoolers aiming to improve newsroom diversity and inclusion. He cites statistics about how most news rooms are staffed with more whites and males than females and minorities. His workshops are meant to bring in more minority high school students into journalism for diversity and inclusion in future newsrooms. What Dominguez did not mention was bringing in students for diversity and inclusion of differing political ideology, i.e., conservatives. The news media is already dominated by progressive liberals who slant the news with their bias. UA's Journalism professors are mostly progressives, i.e., the Star's Editor Sarah Gassen. Dominguez did not mention that there is little diversity or inclusion of differing ideologies in classrooms at colleges and universities across the country. I can imagine that Dominguez is a progressive and it did NOT even enter his mind to actively seek and include students of differing ideological perspectives into his workshops.

Juan Santiago

Southwest side

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