I was dismayed to read "Not what I remember about Arcosanti project." Paolo Soleri was a world-famous architect and a visionary who wanted to merge architecture and ecology to build more sustainable urban environments. His commitment began in the late 1940s when he apprenticed with Frank Lloyd Wright. Soleri came to the conclusion that there could be options other than single-family homes.

As for the remark the writer makes implying that it's ironic that Soleri espoused sustainability while living in Paradise Valley, it seems that insufficient research was done. Soleri and his wife bought five acres with a small ranch house in the early 1950s for $12,000 before Paradise Valley was developed.. Cosanti is still there and it's where the famous Soleri bells are made. If you haven't been, it's probably wise not to compare Cosanti to the multi-million-dollar mansions that have been built in the interim.

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Marcia Ashton


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