When I first got the flyer announcement saying that recycling would be collected every other week I got angry; I recycle a lot of items, to the point of almost needing pick up twice a week. I couldn't believe the flyer I received so I hopped online to see what was going on and I came across the piece by Tucson.com. In the article it mentions that Tucson is cutting back the recycling operation as a whole to lower the city's cost since China decided to stop the import of certain recyclable materials. The city council was quoted as saying that Tucson's recycle program doesn't make Tucson any money so something needs to be done about that. Herein lies the problem; typical government greed caring more about what's profitable opposed to what's good for the sustainability of the people and planet for future generations. We should be increasing our recycle program , not decreasing it . We should be finding ways to recycle absolutely every material that passes through a Tucsonan's home.

Connor Patrick


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