Casa Maria is a popular building in the Tucson area, it’s a Catholic worker house and soup kitchen that aids people... Unfortunately, it’s experiencing changes and possible gentrification which could be bad for people of the middle or lower class. Casa Maria would not be the first cite exposed to gentrification in Tucson. Areas are slowly being wiped out where the government seeks “improvement” and politicians allow it. Tucson government and politicians focus on making money off the downtown area, and bigger problems aren’t being resolved. If citizens want change and lessen possible gentrification, smarter voting decisions need to be made. Unfortunately, we’ll vote for someone who proposes something we desire but the government controls them and changes them. As a community, we have a greater chance of impacting our everyday lives and communities. If the people we vote for can’t solve the problem, we can. The overall problem of gentrification quickly “spreading” is something that can be changed, not completely but can be lessened

Mia Noriega

South side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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