Re: the April 20 article "Our roads, services are failing to keep up with our population."

For decades, experts have touted that wider roads are better. If true, Phoenix wouldn't need light rail, and Tucson wouldn't experience weekly headlines about yet another pedestrian death. We, the citizenry, have consistently told state, regional, and local officials that mp, we do not want a cross-town freeway, whether or not it's called a "regionally significant corridor" instead. And no, we do not want a bypass, whether that roadway is buried in any of the side-projects associated with a new freeway or the necessary funding shuffle associated with the "complete Barraza-Aviation" Downtown Links project passed as one of 32 projects comprising a transportation improvement package featuring the Modern Streetcar. What we have consistently said, and voted for, is passenger rail around town and between Tucson International Airport and Sky Harbor, instead of doubling I-10 to 12-14 lanes through Downtown Tucson to save less than an hour from Nogales to Wickenburg, as ADOT offers with I-11. Be heard, at Tucson Convention Center, Ballroom/lobby 3-8 p.m. May 8.

Camille Kershner

East side

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