Re: the April 20 article "Our roads, services are failing to keep up with our population."

I have to echo Pat Darcy's comments concerning the local road conditions and (lack of) planning concerning the inevitable growth in Pima County. I was also floored by Steve Cristy's column in the Vail Voice last month titled "Houghton Road Improvements – Interstate 10 south to the Andrada Polytechnic High School". Why not plan and extend Houghton all the way to Sahuarita Road I ask? The majority of traffic using that route continue past the high schools and the residents of Corona de Tucson certainly deserve a safe ingress/egress to their homes. Poor planning.

Yet again, the announcement last May of the extension of Valencia Road to connect to Old Spanish Trail. The plan is to build a two-lane extension and wait for the growth in the Rincon Valley to occur before potentially widening the route to four lanes. Poor planning (again).

I have to agree with Mr. Darcy, time to make changes in our local leadership.

Paul Schlingman


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