Re: the April 13 article "Pedestrian killed in crosswalk was well known in community."

This is another tragic example of the poor state of road safety in Tucson. It appears to me that law enforcement in Pima County regarding prosecution of drivers who injure or kill pedestrians and cyclists is out of sync with the law.

“The Police determined the driver ... was not impaired. ... a spokesman said the driver has not been charged or cited, but that investigators were still determining whether speed was a factor.”

This sounds as if a driver who is not impaired or speeding kills a pedestrian in a crosswalk is not considered to be violating the concept of right-of-way, and crosswalks are just road art. A better outcome would be citing the driver for failure to yield, notifying their insurance company because there was an at-fault fatality, and suspending their driver’s license for 6-12 months. Eliminating crosswalks will not help.

Dean Marvin


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