Re: the April 21 article "Time to fix outdated mining law that lets companies avoid taxes."

Impacts associated with modern life and human population will never be completely eliminated. Engineering, science, and environmental professionals are passionate about and committed to designing and operating new mining and processing facilities in ways to reduce impacts while providing the much-needed materials for modern life. The U.S. is blessed to have many types of metal, non-metal, and energy resources but is dependent on other countries for many of our resources. Where should we mine the copper we use every day if not in the U.S.? We have the most comprehensive mining laws and regulatory public oversight in the world. Our strict environmental, labor, health, and safety laws ensure protections to habitats, sensitive species, cultural resources, water, and air to the best extent possible. They protect workers and require input of local communities. Pushing mining to other parts of the globe where there is little regard for the process of law, protection of cultural resources, or for addressing social/community concerns is environmental imperialism.

Cori Hoag

Northwest side

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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