AZ Star columnist Tim Steller received the 2019 Eugene C. Pulliam Fellowship for Editorial Writing which comes with a $75,000 award. "Steller will spend the next year studying how government officials and politicians in the U.S. and in Mexico have been trying to sway the public’s opinions about the border and migration. His goal is to write a series of stories or columns that give readers insight into the topic." According to the Fellowship guidelines, it appears that a person or their employer solicits for the award. As for Steller's plans to study immigration propaganda, he is a self announced liberal who has done numerous sympathetic stories about "migrants", both legal and illegal. He has been highly critical of the Border Patrol and building a border structure. He hates President Trump and has compared him to disgraced President Nixon, who was forced to resign. Based on Steller's previous liberal slanted columns on border and immigration issues, I can imagine what his new "insightful" writings will be like.

David Burford

Northwest side

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